Tsavo East Nationalpark, stretching over 11,747 m2, is larger than its western sibling. Its landscapes though are much drier and by far less diversified. The southern part is covered with grass and bush savanna which, further north, merge into semi-deserts. The park’s scenery gives you an idea of the majestic infinity of original African savannas.

Contrasts are the thick meadows along the rivers Galana, Tiva and Voi. Aruba dam ponds the waters of Voi River, creating a small lake, which attracts a variety of animals. Hippos and crocodiles are residents which makes it worth to visit.

Tsavo East Nationalpark is home to the African “Big Five”: elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and rhino. Especially the red elephants are the park’s emblems. Their red color results from rolling in the park’s red soil in order to protect their skin from sun.

More than 60 other species are residents of the park, amongst them giraffes, buffalo and various species of gazelles.