Compared to its larger sibling, Tsavo East Nationalpark, the landscapes of 9,055 m2 sized Tsavo West are much more diversified. Open bush savanna is interspersed with forested mountains, green river banks, stream of lava and craters.

The most amazing scenery within a dry and hot landscape can be found at Mzima Springs, 2 crystal clear ponds of well water, surrounded by dense forest. The wells are fed by undertows bringing melting water from Mount Kilimanjaro. They produce 280,000 liter of water per minute, which a major part is is taken to Mombasa for drinking water via pipeline. There is a walk way along the ponds and from an underwater chamber you can watch the underwater life of hippos and crocodiles.

Further highlights:

  • Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary, where you have a good chance to spot the rare black rhino
  • Roaring Rocks, named after the sound of the wind permanently howling through the rocks, and, last but not least,
  • Poarcher’s Lookout, a hill that allows stunning views of the green Chyulu-Hills and, on a clear day, of Mount Kilimanjaro